Safety for your children is always a top priority. When installing playgrounds, it is important to consider the surface underneath because playground falls are the number one cause of injury to kids. Replace the abrasive, hard and unsafe surface underneath your playground with Colorado Fake Grass Playground Turf!

Colorado Fake Grass Playground Turf protects your children from injury and accidents by installing the safest playground surface. All Colorado Fake Grass Playground Turf are installed in accordance with IPEMA standards and ASTM height requirements, which protects your children from falls as high as 12-feet.

Taking the extra-steps to protect children is our priority too! In addition to the normal fake grass installation, Colorado Fake Grass Playground Turf installs an additional foam pad underneath the turf. The additional foam padding creates a soft, non-abrasive landing for your children, diminishing the amount of scraps, skinned knees, and tears.

Let Colorado Fake Grass provide you with peace of mind that your children are safe and a beautiful artificial lawn surface that will be the envy of all!


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